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Why Isn’t My Website Ranking on Google?

Google 2.0 logo

It’s finally live. Ask anyone who’s built a website, and they’ll tell you that the process is a labour of love that drains your emotional and financial resources. In a digital world, so much is riding on your online presence that the pressure is immense to get it just right. After all the blood, sweat…

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Launch Me Digital is now Launch Digital

launch digital banner

We’re simplifying our name. The main reason for the change is because we’ve outgrown our name, specifically the “ME” in our name. The story behind our new brand. The word Launch is still highly relevant to our offerings. It suggests business growth and we’ve also been re/launching businesses in the digital space. Then there is…

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A business hat trick

Womens Business Society's Magazine Issue 1 - Tina Okey

Sometimes life hits you unexpectedly with surprising events. It was February 22, 2017, what I thought was going to be a normal day. Hat Trick #1 I was going through my morning routine, and jumped on Facebook, only to receive a surprising notification that I’d won an award: Women’s Business Society’s ‘Business Woman of the…

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How to set up a professional business email with Gmail

Professional Business Email With Gmail

Why you should set up a professional business email with Gmail. You’ve started a new business and you’re ready to be taken seriously. You’ve registered a business name, and hopefully, you’ve also registered the domain name. You’re open for business. Now you’re probably wondering, what’s next? An email address so people can enquire about your…

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Facebook link preview not working? Here’s how to fix it

Facebook Link Preview Not Working

Facebook link preview The Facebook link preview for your website will depend on where and how you have uploaded images on your page or post. And did you know you can also have a different Facebook preview image and description for every page and post on your website? How Facebook chooses your preview image If…

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How to improve your website in 3 simple steps

Improve Website 3 Simple Steps

As a website developer I’m often asked if there are simple steps you can take to improve your website. When speaking to business owners about their website they often want to talk about the design. While looks are important, I’m going to focus this article on a couple of areas that are often overlooked or…

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7 tips to optimise images for your website

Image Optimisation

Image optimisation Also referred to as image compression, is an art you want to master. Well chosen images are essential for your branding, they create a professional looking website and can really make you stand apart from your competition.   Few issues with your website, however, can sink you as quickly as a slow loading…

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How to make your image circular with PicMonkey

Image Circular

One of the questions I get asked about a lot from clients is how to make an image circular, so they can keep adding to their testimonials page.   In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to make an image circular using PicMonkey. PicMonkey is a free web-based photo editor and is super easy to use.…

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