For the past few months or years, single individuals used to have the most unexpected, disappointing, and quite challenging experiences in using dating apps. Considering the struggles brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of using dating apps has changed.

But with the massive trends on dating apps, finding your perfect matches and improving your odds would be way easier than before.

At the start of 2020, a lot of dating app users wouldn’t be expected that they would be meeting their potential matches behind a mask or screen. But as we used to follow the new normal protocols, most singles started to accept the thought of finding love in quarantine.

Dating apps enable singles to find a mate virtually. Virtual dates are designed not only to follow the new normal but also to be both fun and creative. No matter what the roadblocks are, a lot of couples have found different ways to communicate with each other.

The following are some things you can expect in dating apps in 2021:

Sharing Social or Political Leanings

Considering the trendiest happenings in politics, especially in the United States, it is expected that dating app users will share their political and social beliefs with their matches. According to the 2020 Year report of Tinder, there is a notable increase in voting and BLM topics. Dating apps such as Tinder require their users to have a tag line, such as “Swipe Right if you are voting.”

In connection to that, according to the experts, tackling this kind of issue upfront is a great way to find your perfect match and create a more interesting connection. According to a psychologist, Dr. Paulette Shernan, “The new trend of sharing political and social leanings and filtering statements by ‘Black Lives Matter,’ can be good because it can make dating more meaningful.” This means that you can find a perfect date that matches your political views.

Pandemic Mentions

According to the yearly report of Tinder, they notice that most of their users are talking about the situations they had during the pandemic. These pandemic mentions are beneficial, especially when you are trying to build trust with someone. You may also consider listing these pandemic mentions to find a mate safely.

Sex Positivity

The number one trending song in and is ‘WAP.’ The said dating app believes that it reflects the increase in sex positivity on every user. But has an opposite interpretation about this. This is because he believes that sex positivity means that the dater wants to have safe sex with someone through fuck apps such as these. The term sex positivity encrypted on their bio might …

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